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Friday, 22 July 2011

Brown Nose? Me? Noooo!

As you must all know, it is the end of term and the end of the school year.  Bella bee has had the most fantastic teacher.  It's not much for all her hard work, but I wanted to get something to say thankyou and show my appreciation.  I wanted to get her something original, rather than the normal chocolates and flowers, but it's tricky to get a gift for someone who you don't know personally and don't know their taste.  I've made a couple of cushions lately, as gifts, so thought that would be ideal.  The cushion cover itself is made from a fleece blanket.  The motif is taken from this book.  The lettering is Times New Roman.  All appliques are ironed on with bonda-web, then hand stitched around the edge with very small slip stitches.  It takes much longer than machine stitching, but I much prefer the result.

I wonder if she would grade me?


do you mind if i knit said...

The teacher will love this! What a great gift you've made, it really is fantastic! I love your guinea pigs by-the-way, they are so very, very adorable, I can hear their little chirrups from here. There's a great you tube film called "guinea Pig Eating a Banana" which I love, the guinea pig is very excited to get the banana, and doesn't know which end to start nibbling, I could watch it over and over again! Love Vanessa xxx

do you mind if i knit said...

Here's the guinea pig eating a Banana, his name is Bert! Link:
Love Vanessa xxx

Kathleen said...

Definitely a better gift than flowers and chocolates! This is beautiful, all the colours and shapes are so sharp and lovely and the pillow itself looks perfectly cuddly. I grade you an A++ on it! (And yay for recognizing amazing teachers, too.)