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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I was on my way out last Sunday morning on an urgent knitting related quest (more details on next post).  It was a glorious sunny morning so I decided to detour to the Car Boot Sale.  I frequent charity shops on a regular basis, but have slowly found myself being priced out.  See this post by Kat Got The Cream and several by A Thrifty Mrs who both write about it much more eloquently.  It's a subject close to my thrifty heart at the moment.  The Charity Shop love is definitely slipping.  I will still be enjoying my regular jaunts round the charity shop circuit, but maybe with a slightly heavier and cynical heart.  I need to find a charity shop alternative and it seems Car Boot Sales may be it.  I do go to CBS, but not on a regular basis.  They have not been part of my habits, so i often simply forget.  Plus they have (in my eyes) a couple of downfalls.  They are very weather dependant, and in Britain that can rule out quite a few days.  They are harder work, people don't often lay out or hang up the clothes, and often just have a big pile or various boxes full of clothes, and as much as I enjoy routing around stuff, I have to be very much in the mood for it.  But having been on Sunday, it's shown me that I should put in the effort on a more regular basis, especially if Charity Shops are going to be taken off the cards as general thrift supplier.  I picked up several items of winter clothing for BellaBee including Joules and Animal items, which are both a BIG love of mine, for a grand 50p each, plus a pile of Oxford Reading Tree books, perfect for summer reading, for £1.  Of course I didn't neglect myself, and found a flamingo print bag, which I wouldn't have thought would be to my taste, but I love it and it's a perfect knitting bag, and has already proudly accompanied me and my latest knitting project on several park visits.

So, as a whole, the CBS was a winner and has encouraged me to make them one of my habits in the future.  We don't need no charity shop!


KatGotTheCream said...

Thanks for the mention! I am coming round to your way of thinking too. One of my best ever second-hand finds was bought at the one and only car boot i have been to this year ( a perfect pink Lloyd Loom bedside table for a tenner).

So I'm thinking this is the way forward too (if i could just get myself out of bed in time).

Lovely to have discovered your blog too by the way x

KatGotTheCream said...

PS I simply love your daughter's name. I almost called my daughter Beatrice so I could shorten it to Bea. Bella Bee is far better though!

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Haven't been to a CBS in years - you've given me the bug and I know there's one locally three mornings a week. Elaine