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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One A Day Update

Hello lovelies, I hope you've all had a productive week and your all getting on well with your projects.  I'll be coming to have a nosey later on.  I want to say a big thank you for all your lovely and encouraging comments so far.  I've not really got any like minded friends, so it's nice to be part of this online community to gee me along. 

I'm still making steady progress and have managed to get the seven blocks and stripes done on both blankets despite feeling a bit rough after catching the obligatory September School Cold that Bella Bee kindly bought home from school.  Lets get straight to the money shots.

The Bella Bee Ripple Blanket

A gorgeous sea of ripples.

And the Summer Garden Granny Blanket

Now, I must dash, I'm currently inhabiting an anti house that requires an inhuman amount of work to make it an actual house again. 

Feel free to check out the other projects at Gingerbread Girl.

Peace Out x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One A Day Update - Week 2

This is week two for the Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket, and week one for the Bella Bee Ripple Blanket.  Steady progress has been made on both.  I had a little catching up to do with the squares so haven't got round to sewing in the ends on the last few.  I feel I still need to work on the colours a bit more on this blanket.  I'm not happy with some of the combinations, and I'm going to stop using the Lavender, it just doesn't seem to be 'gelling' with the others.  The colour palette is a bit too limited.  I'd like a few extra colours to play with so will be looking at getting a few more this week and see how they work out.  Once I'm happy with the colour combinations I can start sewing blocks of squares together so it's not such a big daunting job at the end.  At least with the slow growth it gives me time to work on the colours so I'll be truely happy with it when it's finished.

The ripple though, Oh My, I'm in love!  I'm skippingly happy with it.  I have yet to do today's row as I did initially include yellow, but wasn't satisfied with the result so I ripped it back and it set me back a couple of rows. 

I'm glad I've got both blankets on the go.  The ripple will provide a quicker result and keep me satisfied while I plug away at the other.  And only doing one a day still gives me time to do a little knitting occasionally, because I still need to knit!

I'm off to get rippling.

Please check out the other projects at Gingerbread Girl.

Peace Out x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

One A Day Update

Just a brief post to give my update for the One A Day project.  Not the largest of impacts, but I've literally stuck to the one a day since my initial 4 practice squares. I've not yet worked out how many squares I'm going to need for a king size blanket and to be honest I don't think I want to right now.  But being realistic, I don't think I'll be able to use this blanket until next winter!

I'm loving the colour palette I'm using, especially the green!  It's definitely my favourite.  I'm still experimenting with all the different colour combinations and I'm looking at adding a few extra colours.  I had originally picked the majority of the colours for a ripple blanket I plan to make for my daughter for Christmas.  So knowing I need to make a start on that soon if it's going to be anywhere near ready in time I have decided to add it to the One A Day too.  So here's the beginnings of a blanket that will be able to be used this year! 

The pattern I've used is from this Jan Eaton book.  I presume it is very similar to the one Lucy from Attic24 used as inspiration to form her own from this book.  It has the three trebles in between the increases and decreases instead of the four in Lucy's pattern.  I don't think the Jan Eaton one is on Ravelry so I may just put it under the Attic24 pattern anyway.

And finally a thank you for all the lovely comments and compliments on my first One A Day post.  Will make a concerted effort to visit as many of you and your lovely projects this week.

Peace out x

Friday, 9 September 2011

Finally Finished!

I've had these little beauts waiting to be finished off for far too long.  I made my crochet debut in about January and these were pretty much the first things I started to make.  I seem to remember them actually being finished and my wearing them on the school run and being ever so proud and hoping people would notice them, comment on them and me being able to proudly tell them 'I made them myself don't you know' and them being amazed, inspired and simply agog at my creative wonderfullness, well, because I sure was.  Well it didn't quite work out that way, I think what actually happened was after a distinct lack of notice I shoved them under my playground companions noses, forcing them to notice them, whilst informing them I'd made them, which was followed by some polite comments.  But I did receive the best compliment from Bella Bee with a request for a pair of her own, which were dutily made.  Afterwards, for some reason, which at the moment escapes me as to why, my pair were dismantled, and had remained so since.  Well it was jolly time this was remedied.

And so Ta-Dah...

And in background a sneaky peak at my latest knitty project!

Today I sat myself down and made myself finish them.  As many will recognise, they are the Striped Wristlets Pattern from the ever so clever Lucy.  I am very pleased they are Finally Finished.  Again.  Lets hope this time they don't mysteriously disassemble themselves again!  And so on to the next long unfinished crochet project.

Peace Out x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

One A Day, A Day Late!

Back to it!  Bella Bee went back to school today.  She was supposed to go back Monday, which I found out Sunday after thinking for 6 weeks she was back on Wednesday!  Panic!  Then Sunday night there was a bit a bleughing and that put paid to any thought of school for a couple of extra days, making her start day Wednesday after all.  I missed not having her around today, but it's also nice as it frees me up a little.  So here I am, back on the blogging train. 

Being as organised as ever and even though Bella Bee went back to school a couple of days later than expected I was too busy ironing uniform and sorting school things to blog last night.  I've decided to join the One A Day CAL/KAL hosted by Gingerbread Girl and Crochet with Raymond over at Ravelry.  So here is my project, just a day late!  I'd been thinking about wanting a large blanket for my bed and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to break such a large project into small manageable chunks.  I've decided to make a Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket.  I've got my colours just about sorted and I spent yesterday making up a few squares to test out slight variations of the pattern to fit my preferences.  So here are my first few squares.

As most of you are probably well aware, the light is absolutely awful for photos at the moment, but it gives you a general idea.  I remade the squares I'd practiced with so they were all uniformally made (yes I am a perfectionist).  The third one across came out ever so slightly bigger than the others for some reason, so I may have to redo that one (yes, I am a perfectionist to the nth degree).  I think I've decided to sew them together rather than join as you go as it is a neater finish and will hopefully not seem as big a job if I join in fours or in rows.  My favourite colour combination so far is this one.

Plan on starting a ripple blanket for Bella Bee in these same colours soon.

Have a fair few more makes completed, so will be back soon to show you those.

Peace out x