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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One A Day Update - Week 9

First I want to share my latest treats.  I had a lovely postie day yesterday.

Something to view, something to make, something to drink.  What could be better?  I have already started a project from the new book as you can see.  It's about time I started a few Christmas presents, and this book is full of potential pressies. 

Anyway, another week, another update.  Is it just me or are these posts starting to feel a little repetitive?  How many photos can I take of the same blanket but just a little bit longer?  I suppose that's my fault for choosing 2 big, long term projects.  To be honest I'm getting a bit bored of them now.  I'm starting to struggle with having to ripple every day.  Luckily, then, the end is in sight.  Well, for the ripple at least.

Taking this photo was more than a little precarious, perched on top of the high sleeper ladder.  With a guest cameo from Floppy Bunny.

Just a bit longer, and then the border.  I want it roughly the same size as a single duvet, but have yet to measure it off against one to see what needs to be done to make it so.  It's needs to be wider for sure, which the border will have to accomplish.

Name: Bella Bee Ripple Blanket
Pattern: Ripple Pattern from Compendium of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK
Colours: Grape, Pale rose, Meadow, Cream

Join us over at Gingerbread Girl to view all the projects in progress.


Stocki said...

Oh look at it growing up the bed... I do love to see the blanket in the same place every week, then you can really see the preogress. Great little cameo by floppy Bunny - he looks well loved :)x

Kashi said...

That blanket is absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

your blanket looks brilliant on the bed! your nearly there. can't wait to see it finished and look forward to hearing about your new project.

joanne said...

Oh I love that book, such fantastic projects. I want to do the swishy scarf, but can't start until I finish something else.
I love to see the progress on the big projects each week, your ripple is looking lovely and so close to finishing.

Sherrie said...

Wonderful book to have. Love your ripple, it's coming along nicely. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Faith said...

You're not far off now! The border will take it further too....what's your plan with the border? I wasn't quite sure what to do when I did a ripple.

It's a special treat to sit with a nice crafty book and a nice cuppa isn't it? Enjoy!

Heather said...

It's looking great and you are sooooo almost there! Another week and you'll be on the border for sure.

karisma said...

The end is in sight! Yay! I probably would have been over it ages ago so can understand you not wanting to pick it up every day. I do so love the way its turning out though. And it does look lovely on the bed!

Kepanie said...

Your perseverance and patience are astounding!

Anonymous said...

It's looking great and I'm loving watching it grow. I can imagine that phoe was quiet hard to take is that the top bunk?

Anonymous said...

It's looking great and I'm loving watching it grow. I can imagine that phoe was quiet hard to take is that the top bunk?

The Craft Giraffe said...

Wow it looks beautiful on the bed. Not long to go till it covers the bed and you will feel so great having completed it, x

The Girl said...

Keep going rippler! I like the progression posts, I need to d more with my ripple and then look back at them and see it growing!

Very excited by the look of that book and that crocheted circle that's hiding behind your mug!

Candace said...

looking good, so exciting when you get close to finishing a project.

I too have become a bit bored and I am mixing up my one a day projects. If I manage one stripe or one granny on a project a day I am making progress. Progress I probably would not have done without the one a day challenge.

Therefore in my opinion challenge met!

Carole said...

Wow, almost there! It's not boring at all seeing everyone's progress every week. I think it helps to keep us all motivated!

Ali said...

Wow! It's looking fantastic - and SO close to being finished. I love seeing it on the bed like that as it gives a really good idea of it's size and how close to the finish line you are :)

Anonymous said...

Almost there - what are you going to do for the border? I haven't decided yet, Judy x