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Friday, 11 November 2011


It's that time of year to get wrapped up in some serious comfort knits!  This is a knit I actually finished back in August, but has now come into it's own.

The GAP-tastic Cowl

This pattern was super quick and super easy.  It's comfy and cosy and a super big soft hug for your neck.  It's absolutely ideal for a Christmas present. 

Raverly Project Page
Pattern: GAP-tastic Cowl
Yarn: Stylecraft Special Chunky
Colour: Parchment 1218
Needles : 9mm circulars
Quantity: 2 x 100g
Cost: £1.76 per 100g x 2 = £3.52
Bought at Knit And Sew

It's a super dull colour I know but at least it'll go with everything.  As soon as I saw it I thought of my sister, so this was actually a bit of a practice run for a possible birthday present (her birthday is right after Christmas) but I'm now very pleased to have my own.  It's just been through a normal 40 degree wash and has come out how it went in.  If I decide to make this again I may go down a needle size, as my tension is a little on the loose side, to make the pattern a touch more compact.  All in all I'm extremely pleased.

So get wrapped up warm and have a super weekend.

Peace Out X


Karen said...

Aaaah, that really looks cosy. I had my eye on a big owl for some time, so it is very inspirational to see and read this post. Did it take you long to make it?

HillyT said...

That's lovely, I've got a ton of that yarn stashed from a project which never happened. I think you may have just saved me a fortune. Thank you.

The Craft Giraffe said...

Cowl looks fab, will try and get one done for a xmas pressie, it's ideal and looks better than anything you'd buy in a shop.

Tickety-boo said...

It's lovely! Looks great on you.

Nicole said...

It looks very cosy and the colour is great, like you said it'll go with most things so it's a winner really :-)

I'm going to save the pattern for later!

Hazels Crochet said...

ooooooh that looks so warm and comfortable, just what you need for this winter....I need to make one like that for my sister! She loves cowls :)

The Girl said...

Oh my I love it. The colour is not boring, it is brilliant and I would love a) a cowl, b) one that looks exactly like that and c) in that colour.

I'm very jealous of your sister. And I'm made that I can't knit.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely!! I am in the process of knitting my 1st scarf haha... it is taking a while though!

Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

You know, that cowl was one of the first things I ever queued on Ravelry and now I REALLY want to make it - gah! *Looks at WIPs piled about the room, and a large basket of yarn for next two projects*

How many hours do you think it took? :D

Country Rose said...

This cowl is gorgeous! I saw the pattern on Ravelry and was very tempted but now I know I definitely want to make it. I've just come across you blog and have to say, it looks gorgeous.. You really do make some lovely things and I love the way you list everything about what you make underneath the photo's of your finished project. I might have to start doing that myself aswell..!

Ashley xxx