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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I've been thinking a lot about space and storage lately.  About how I'm currently using space and if it could be improved.  I re-evaluated a large computer desk that is no longer put to use since opting for a laptop over a desk top computer many moons ago.  It was housing a printer and a few other computer relating paraphernalia but for the size and volume of space it was consuming it was most definitely not the best use of the space it was occupying.  It's in the middle room where I try to contain Bella Bee's toys etc.  We chose a coffee table the week before for the same room with the idea of providing her with somewhere she can draw, colour, stick, and anything else her creative mind desires (well, within reason).  I wanted to accompany this with a storage solution to house all such crafting paraphernalia, so it was all in the same place and easily accessible, in the hopes of encouraging much craftiness (she is ever so creative, if I do say so myself).  A dresser seemed ideal.  Storage underneath, shelving on top to house and display her (genius like) creations.  I've kept an eye out and made regular trips to the local second hand furniture shops.  Last week I finally found it, a beauty and ideal for my needs.  As soon as I clapped eyes on it I knew it was The One.  Found in the Furniture Recycling Centre, for the absolute steal of £50 (plus £6 for delivery) was this gorgeous pine dresser.

Bargain. Get in.

Now for the obligatory bunting.

Hope you all manage to find some most excellent thrifty finds.

Peace Out x


The Girl said...

Ooooh that's an amazing deal!

I'm about to start scouring my local recycling/charity shops to try and find a couple of bits for the house. Fingers crossed I'm as successful as you!

Lulu said...

thats a lovely piece..

Tickety-boo said...

wowzers what a total bargain! Where is this place of such mahoosive bargains?

Whispy Love said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Great buy! So excited for when me and the Mr get a house and can start hunting for furniture. x