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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One A Day Update

Hi all One A Day-ers.  Welcome to my update.  I've had a busy week and busier weekend and I'm only just recovering.  Recovering is a word I would like to use in conjunction with a wild weekend, or something similarly fun, alas no, instead I am recovering from a huge dose of cleaning.  Carpet cleaning none less.  I have been meaning to get this particular beauty of a task done for quite awhile now, so with a child away and a sunny weekend on the cards, unfortunately it was an ideal time to get it done!  It was not fun, and it was jolly hard work, and I am sick of the smell of wet carpet, but the carpets are now clean, (the upholstery, however, is not, and a complaint to a certain carpet cleaning company is being made later), and woe betide anyone who dirties them, they will feel my wrath!

I also find myself in the middle of painting the kitchen.  Which is stressful.  For two reasons.  The kitchen is in complete chaos.  I am a complete perfectionist.  The two are profoundly linked.  I think this is something which makes me unique, or perhaps some would say 'special'.  I won't go into deeper psychological reasoning for fear of alienation.  My current painting dilemma, which is tearing my soul in two, is when cutting in, do I go out of the lines on the wood work of doorway/window to cover the magnolia from the previous paint job, or do I stick to the lines?  I'm painting the kitchen white, so it shows.  No answer is correct by the way.  Yes, I am a bit wrong.

But, I've managed to keep up with the One A Day progress.  Although I did the weeks worth of squares last night and this morning, and I've not sewn the ends in for the last two weeks, which I'm now regretting.  The ripple I do every evening, so todays stripe is not done. 

And so to the pictures.

Summer Garden Granny Blanket

Minus the squares I don't like

And the Bella Bee Ripple Blanket

Project details

Summer Garden Granny Blanket

Pattern: Summer Garden Granny Square (ish) from Attic24
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK
Colours: Cream, Meadow, Lemon, Pale Rose, Grape
I still hope to add a couple more colours, however this has been postponed for now until more funds become available.

Bella Bee Ripple Blanket

Pattern: Neat Ripple Pattern (ish) from Attic24
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK
Colours: Grape, Pale Rose, Meadow, Cream

Will do my best to pop by and have a nosey at the rest of you taking part in the One A Day Project over at Gingerbread Girl.

Peace Out x


Stel said...

Mmm, both version of you squares look nice. Maybe if the blue ones are scattered evenly?

Carole said...

I agree with you on the squares, the ones without the bluey colour look much nicer together :)

The ripple is gorgeous, getting bigger too!

FWIW I totally relate to what you are saying about the perfectionism x

HillyT said...

I think you are right about the blue squares, although I like the blue it looks better without them. That might not be true at a later stage if they were spread out though, it's funny how these things work out!

Both projects look great though and I still love those heathery colours.

Faith said...

I can see what you mean about the blue standing out, but actually I quite like it, but if it bothers you, you should go with your heart. Your chevron stripe is great too.

Kepanie said...

The ripple's awesome! What a sweet blanket it'll be in the end to cuddle up to.
Maybe you can save the blue squares for another blanket? I feel the rose and pinks have more of a Fall feel and the blue is bright Spring.

Anonymous said...

I just love the Bella Bee Ripple such beautiful colours, I'm amazed with all that you have been up to you found time to do any crochet let alone a whole weeks worth of one a days well done to you! I feel your painting dilemma but when it's done you will feel so good with a nice white kitchen xx

nicole said...

Oh but the squares you don't like are lovely too!! And your ripples doing so well, can't believe you've kept up 2 projects I can't even manage one haha!

Rainy Day Crafter said...

Your post really made me laugh - in a good way, hehe! :) Both your blankets are looking lovely - I do like the squares with the blue in them. Perhaps you'd like them a bit more spread out amongst the other squares?

Anonymous said...

Your blankets are lovely, so much progress for two blankets. I like the squares with the blue too!

Anonymous said...

I'm following the same ripple blanket for one day. How is it yours looks so much better than mine?!?

karisma said...

I love blue but I have to admit, it looks much better without it. Turn the blue ones into a cushion or something. :-)

Deb Hickman said...

You have been a busy bee, your blankets are looking fab, you seem to have done loads more.xxxx

Barbina said...

Wow, you have done a lot last week! I like the blue squares too, but you should follow your instinct and leave them out. Your ripple is going to be gorgeous, so warm and cozy.
Have a wonderful week! Barbina

Chrisknits said...

I agree with removing the ones with blue. But then again, maybe if they were interspersed through the afghan they would balance more. Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

both blankets look awesome, you made great progress

Candace said...

Just love the ripple! The colours look great together. I've got some stylecraft in those colours and I may have to put this on my to do mix (which is very very long!).

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Your projects are looking great. I am terrible at painting and always make a mess of cutting in so not much help with your dilemma, masking tape is my friend!

Hazels Crochet said...

You could use the blue ones in another project? a more blue coloured one :) But yes I can see that the blanket will look nicer without the blue in it.

Your ripple blanket is looking amazing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours - both blankets will be lovely. Judy x